All about food!

Weight Lost since 3/13/17: 4 pounds

Overall Feeling today: Pretty good! Not very hungry and no cravings

If you know me, you know I love food and especially bad food! Cookies, cakes, candy, carbs and I am also a very picky eater. With a Keto or low carb diet, your goal is to only have 5-10% of your intake be carbs. I have heard try to do 20 carbs or less the first couple weeks, and then between 20-40. Keep in mind this is NET CARBS. Which is carbs minus fiber. The other thing is that while protein can be medium, fat has to be HIGH. You heard me- HIGH FAT. So you need to avoid all of the “low fat” foods out there. I’m not suggesting to eat bad fattening things, but there are “good fats”. Those are what you need to fill up on and what will keep you full. Meat is a huge part of Keto- think hamburger, steak, chicken, turkey, bacon, ham, etc. The good news is, after the first few days your hunger definitely decreases! It is hard for me not to think about food, because I have found I eat when I am bored. However as the days pass, I am really enjoying feeling satisfied for longer and less hunger. Carbs drive my hunger for sure.

Danny and I have started experimenting at restaurants to determine where we can successfully eat low carb. As I said above I am picky and I love carbs. So, some places we have had success so far knowing this are:

  • Any steak place- get steak with butter and green beans or a salad (ranch, not low fat ranch, is keto friendly!!)
  • Wendy’s – any of their cheeseburgers plain without the bun and get mayo on the side (mayo is keto friendly!!); their chili isn’t awful in carbs either
  • McDonalds or Burger King – any of their cheeseburgers plain without the bun – they are actually very accomodating too, they put it in this cute little container with a fork and knife and ask for some mayo and mustard (both keto friendly!)
  • Culvers – Same as above
  • Red Robin – Same as above, and if you like broccoli (I don’t) they have unlimited broccoli instead of fries!
  • Chili’s – Their buffalo bone in wings are actually great and a salad
  • Buffalo Wings and Rings- Surprise – their boneless wings/tenders are actually not bad at all! Check out their nutrition facts – BWW Nutrition – they even have a calculator!
  • Qdoba or Chipotle (or similar) – Get their bowls double the meat no rice or beans! I get mine with some salsa and shredded cheese or queso! Be careful about rice and beans though – Chipotle also as a calculator! Chipotle Nutrition
  • Grilled chicken at any restaurant as long as there is just seasoning and no high carb sauce

I have been trying to find recipes that I think are low carb but also would be filling. I will say, eating healthy is much more expensive and time consuming.

Here is one I will be trying soon SpaghettiSquashMarinara !! I will be posting more recipes I recommend on my future posts. I will also talk in my next post about some Keto food staples to have in your house 🙂




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