A new beginning

I have never been someone who has much willpower when it comes to dieting and weight loss. I am usually the one who jokes about eating crappy food and not working out.

A couple years ago I worked somewhere that had a gym on site and a free trainer- I started doing this and running a couple times a week. This was a journey in and of itself because I had never been able to run more than a min without giving up and gasping for breath. However I stuck with it because the trainer was amazing and I ultimately ended up being in the best shape of my life and lost around 20 pounds! I felt amazing and ran a 10k without stopping

And then everything changed. My company split into two and we lost our trainer and gym equipment. Eventually we got equipment back but it was never the same. And we started partying and drinking and eating a lot and I basically went all the way back to where I started. 20 pounds heavier. It is truly depressing and while some tell me I’m not even that heavy, everyone has their dream goal or number. Mine is 125.

And so 2 years later I have come to a crossroads. I can continue on the path of laziness and disobedience and eating terribly and hating the way my clothes look and feel… or I can make a change again. I did it once, I can do it again! My husband has done Keto off and on for several years and had great success. So that’s where I’m starting- I started last Monday so it’s been a week now. I’m doing Keto/Low Carb for now (goal is 20 carbs or less each day or anywhere between 20-50 after the first couple weeks) and hopefully once it stays warm running outside again. I’m not sure I’ll ever have a free trainer again but I’d love to start that again too. But baby steps for now…

And so, my weight loss journey is beginning again…. my plan for this blog is to post recipes we try and love, post my ups and downs, vent, and hopefully keep myself motivated! 🙂 I’ll probably also post about other things too in my life like my kids and various bits about Disney!



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