Low Carb and Alcohol and a Review

I enjoy drinking while socializing. I prefer cider over beer and I hate wine so I usually drink the “girly” fruity drinks. However those are super high in carbs!!! 😦

There are alternatives however! Most if not all liquors are carb free! Tequila, run, vodka, etc… jury is out on Bourbon- I haven’t been able to find conclusive information! If you have any let me know! So, Diet Coke with anything liquor is perfectly fine!! Also Crystal Light or some sort of unsweetened mix- I know there is a Margarita Mix low carb out there- I got it one time at the Christmas Tree Shoppe. I made my own Margarita using This Recipe ! It was awesome! There is also a low carb cider by Michelob Ultra! 

Today I weighed 146, down 5 pounds since I started last Monday. I’m not feeling very hungry although last night I ended up eating some of this Princess Marshmallow cereal I bought for the kids! It looked sooooo good but I told myself to stop before I ate too much. For lunch I had a frozen Atkins meal. It’s their lasagna… 11 net carbs. Nothing like the picture but after I put my own cheese on it it was better. It wasn’t horrible testing but it wasn’t amazing. Those mess are too expensive to not be good! 

My husband put in a grocery order for us at Walmart he’s picking up tonight! I added a ton of low carb stuff from various recipes I’ve found. I’ll post tomorrow what I end up making tonight and how it turns out!

Have a lovely evening! 



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