How is willpower formed? Is it something you’re inherently born with? Is it learned over time? Do you have to practice? I really have a small amount of willpower. Truth be told I went over my carb count today- I was in a day long conference so I didn’t pack my lunch and went to the cafeteria.. I had baked crispy chicken tenders for lunch which put me over… not terribly bad but instead of 20-30 carbs I had 60 today and I can tell you it feels awful! I feel like all my hard work went down the drain. I woke up today feeling strong even though I was the same weight as yesterday but now I feel defeated. 😦

However I can’t give up now! It was a slip up and the old me would say “just forget it! Eat whatever you want- life’s too short to be hungry and giving things up!” But the new me is telling myself “get back out there and start again tomorrow!” And hopefully I will!

I said I’d share a recipe I made for dinner last night but we ended up fending for ourselves- meaning we ate whatever we wanted so I choose salami and cream cheese rolls! I’ll share a recipe as soon as I make it. Had church choir tonight so we just got Chick-fil-A which is not very bad in carbs at all! Either get no bun or the nuggets (doesn’t even have to be the grilled ones)…. and tomorrow the kids have soccer practice so I’m not sure what we’ll do about dinner. 

Here’s to a better tomorrow!! I’m in a conference again tomorrow so I’m hoping to make a better lunch choice….



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