Soccer Mom

I have become a soccer mom. Never thought I’d say that. I didn’t ever like soccer and I told myself I would NEVER get a van. But we now have a van and our 2 kids are now playing soccer! And it is actually really exciting for me! Our kids play on electronics too much so I was excited to get them into such an active sport. We got them each soccer kits (ball, kleets, shinguards) at Dick’s and they’ve had two practices now. They both enjoy it and my 6 year old (daughter) got her first goal tonight!

It got me wanting to run and work out again even more. Now that it is getting warmer where I live I am hoping I can get outside and exercise more. I feel more motivated when its warm and sunny.

I said in my last blog post I went over my carb count. Today I met my carb count and calorie count and I feel more confident. I made smarter choices today (burger with no bun and a salad for lunch…. Skyline Chili bowl with cheese for dinner- normally I would get the spaghetti dish and chips but I didn’t.) I feel full and motivated.

Weight lost since Mon March 13: 6 pounds (I was 1 pound lighter today even though I ate over my carbs last night!)

Have a lovely evening!!




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