Cooking at home Saturday Night

My husband and I have been cooking at home lately! It’s challenging because low carb recipes are a little complicated and have a lot of ingredients to prepare. However it’s safer than eating out because of the carb count and also you never know “actual” serving sizes at restaurants… it saves money but I guess not too much because low carb cooking can get pricey!! 

Tonight we made these low carb “crispy” tenders with wing sauce (I used Hooters medium sauce) – they were good but I felt like the breading was too soggy for my liking. I’d highly recommend this recipe but put them in a deep fryer instead of an oven! 

Some of the main items we always have in the house for low carb are Almond Flour, Coconut flour, coconut oil, eggs, cocoa powder unsweetened, psyllium husk powder, heavy whipping cream, vanilla extra, golden flax seed, butter, cream cheese, various veggies, etc. Unfortunately stores are too obsessed with low fat and low calorie items the few low carb items they have are pretty pricey!! 

Tonight I also enjoyed a somewhat low carb local to Cincinnati cider! 8carbs in a can… but it’s the weekend!!! I wanted Michelob Ultra Cider which is 6 carbs but Kroger’s seem to not have it anymore around me!!! 

Hope everyone have a lovely evening!!



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