Missed days

Sorry I missed posting a couple days on my blog! Busy busy!! I have been sticking with low carb though! I’m down 8 total pounds and week 3 started yesterday! I feel good… occasionally I want to cheat and have something super carb filled but I ask myself if it’s worth it and it isn’t at this stage! I want to get down to my goal weight and then maintain 

That being said, we are going to Gatlinburg Fri-Sun this weekend and I will likely be taking a couple of cheats because I can’t go there and not get things like caramel apples and caramel corn and turtles lol but at least at my meals I’ll TRY to be good… and no matter what happens I will start again fresh on Monday!! I need to lose some serious pounds before June (Disney trip)!

I started running again- well TRIED running… I did 2 mile walk run and went swimming yesterday… today I just walked 30 minutes on the walking station at work but hey it’s something!!! 

Have a good evening!

~ Chrissy


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